Saturday, 14 January 2012

Last Friday, exactly on January 13 2012, we didi not get lesson. FREE!!
Because of that, we, Ipeh, Rara, Saila, Della and me took some strange picture in
And then, we edited it. And the result was not bad. This are they...

Exactly, we took a lot of picture, there are 42 pictures. Oh ya, we also give a funny name for the pictures, like "coprat" , "cuprit" , "bomratatata" and other funny names. But there is one picture that make me feel WOW, this the picture ^^

That's all from me, thank you :)
Merci pour votre visite :) 


  1. Cieee yang pake bahasa Inggris :P

  2. hehehe, tapi sepertinya banyak yang gak ngenah